Friday, April 22, 2011

Engagement Pics

This is one of the sneek peak pics from my lovely photographer Karie Denny. I feel kind of bad that my favorite picture from the sneak peek is the one without Nick really in it. There are more to come.... (with Nick in them haha)

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Feather Extension Kit


Here is a step by step guide on how to apply feather hair extensions if you purchased an extension kit off of Etsy.

Step 1: Take a small secition of hair- I suggest either under a layer and away from the part of your hair or right above the ear.

Step 2: If your kit didn't come with a fancy tool, you can just take a piece of fishing line and loop it. Then place the hair extension bead through both ends (again, if your kit didn't come with beads you can buy them at Sally's). 

Step 3: Pull the section of hair that you selected through the loop.

Step 4: Move the bead up the fishing line and onto the piece of hair.

Step 5: Pull the hair through the bead completely and make sure it stays about a 1/2 from the scalp.

Step 6: Take a cluster of feathers (3 to 5) and make sure every feather makes it into the bead.

Step 7: Once the feathers are in you can trim any of the excess that is sticking out of the top of the bead.

Step 8: Take pliers and squeeze the bead until it is completely closed.

VOILA! You have beautiful feathers in your hair!!!


These extensions should last 3 to 8 weeks depending on how well you take care of them. To remove the feathers you can pinch the bead with pliers in the other direction to open it and they'll just slide right out.

DIY Feather Extensions

Here are a few easy ways to get the look without spending a ton of money.

What you'll need
Extension glue
Long feathers

Take a few strands of hair from underneath your part and place a feather 1/4 of an inch away from the scalp. Put a drop off glue on the root where the feather is. Allow to dry for a minute then rub back and forth with your thumb and index finger to bond it together.

What you'll need
Short feathers
Small rubber bands

Braid a small section of hair from root to end. Attach a feather at the end of the braid and tie it in with a rubber band.


Feathers can be purchased from Hobby Lobby. Keep in mind that these feathers are not made to use as hair extensions and might not be able to be withstand heat from styling.

You can order feathers that can be styled and feather extension kits from etsy.
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feathers Extensions

Salon G is getting feather extensions!!! They are made with natural feathers, and are available in a variety of colors and lengths. The feathers are attached to your hair with a bead and will last for weeks! The coolest part of these extensions is that they will last under your normal styling routine - you can wash, curl, blow-dry and flat iron the extensions just like you style your natural hair. Feathers are one of the hottest hair accessory trends.

$30 Vintage Pumps

We were feeling a little lucky after the amazing deal we found on the BM's dresses so we headed over to DSW. We were looking for black peep toe pumps. Every wedding I have ever been to, within mintues of dancing, all the women have their heels off. I wanted to make sure my bridesmaids bought something they could last in all night. There were these steve madden satin pumps for $80. They were really cute but they also had a REALLY high stiletto heel. Being the bargain shopper that I am, I headed over to the sale rack. I found black peep toe pumps with a big brooch on them. The heel was thicker and not too high either. They were originally $79.99 marked down to $49.99 and were 40% off. Who says you can never find anything on the sale rack?

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$12 Bridesmaid Dresses

So my bridesmaids and I went to San Tan Mall to browse bridesmaid dresses. I didn't care if the dresses were all the same, I just wanted them to be black. I also really wanted them to buy something they could wear again. We went to just about every clothing store in the mall and found nothing. As we walked back to the car we spotted a little boutique called Romy. I had given up at this point but thought it was worth a look. There were these really cute black dresses on a sale rack tucked in the back corner. They were marked down from $60 to $40 and were 70% off. AND to top it off my bridemaids loved the dresses. Good thing we took a look!