Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chandelier LOVE

When we finally decided our wedding was going to have a vintage theme I envisioned a chandelier hanging above the alter. I got my wish :). We also bought a huge chandelier that was hung above our table. Aren't they beautiful?


I ordered the small chandelier off of Amazon for ($45)
I ordered the big one  from Wake Up Frankie for($145)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Love is sweet take a treat

It would have been perfect to give out golf balls and t's as our party favor since we got married at a golf course but that just wasn't our style. We both LOVE sweets so we decided to have a candy bar. It was a hit especially with the kiddos. 
I got all of the candy from Sweeties. I saved a few bucks going local as opposed to online. Sweeties actually had better deals and more of the color options I was looking for anyway. All of the candy  I chose was white, black, grey, and silver. I bought black shiny coffee bags online. I also bought cirular sticker labels (from Staples) and rectangular place card labels that had silver trim (from Joanns).  I printed the same saying it says in the frame below onto the circular labels and stuck them to the coffee bags.  Then I printed the name of each candy on the place card labels.
 I thought a candy bar would be a cheap party favor. HA! Boy was I wrong. After the wedding I added it all up and we spent around $550  on vases ($100 at Wal-Mart), candy ($350), candy scoops ($50), bags, and labels ($50). Well you only get married once, right. It was $$$ well spent.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mrs. Cordova :)

A friend of mine bought me this hanger for my bridal shower. This has got to be one of most thoughfu gifts ever. I love it!

Damask Diva Designs

I ordered these from a gal named Monica and I just love how they turned out! Click here to see her etsy page although I think she's on leave.

The seating chart is kind of a DIY project. She sent me the pdf file and I had to have it printed at Kinko's. I bought a black poster board and used spray adhesive to adhere it. This custom seating chart cost me a total of $60.

She made these damask votive holders for my remembrance shrine too.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Birdcage Card Holder

Here is another one of my many DIY projects I did for my wedding. I bought this birdcage at Ross for $15 btw. I spray painted it silver and attached a piece of black ribbon to it with double sided tape (Elmer's is the best). I printed a label that said cards and placed it where the two ends of the ribbon met. And there she is. Easy peasy!